Friday, May 9, 2014


I am a Muji customer for six years now and counting. Muji  is short for Mujirushi Ryohin which translates to "No Label Quality Goods". My first Muji experience was in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I remember purchasing in 2008 two pairs of aluminum square hangers that are still being put to good use till today. When Muji opened in Manila, I was ecstatic because it is now more accessible to me. Hence, it eliminates the issue of excess baggage during overseas trips. Some of the Muji stores I was able to visit were in Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and New York.

What's so special about Muji? Well, I like their minimalist concept (no-label/brand policy), simple designs and their conscious effort in saving the environment through recycling plus minimizing waste production. I just have to share their four core principles:

  1. Streamlined, functional design eliminating excess decoration.
  2. Basic, understated color guaranteed to blend and never dominate
  3. Value for money, the right balance between quality and price
  4. Complete lifestyle product range encompassing all aspects of life 

As a Muji devotee, I went to Muji Yurakucho store, their flagship store located in Ginza which also houses the largest Muji cafe. Beside it is the infamous Loft.

Mike and I tried their coffee and some of their pastries. Everything was yummy!

Assorted baked goods and deli selection.

I also had the opportunity to browse some stuff and have lunch at their store in Shibuya. Mike bought two packs of ground coffee while I contemplated in buying their ready-made butter chicken sauce.

Muji stores in Tokyo sell bikes that you can customize. Biking is up the husband's alley. I could tell from his facial expression that he was enthralled.

I chose the 3-Deli set. A set consists of 1 hot deli + 2 cold delis + rice and a drink of your choosing. Their apple juice is now a favorite. The menu is not in English so I had to point a lot and ask some questions from the staff. A Japanese translation app I downloaded from the App Store was very helpful.

It was a cold day and my Muji coat came in handy. I got this at half the price in Muji Yurackucho.

I hope they open a Cafe & Meal Muji here in Manila soon. I'd also like to bring my sister too in Muji Yurakucho. She was the one who introduced Muji to me when she was living in Hong Kong. It was just across her serviced apartment. But during that time, it didn't have a cafe and it didn't serve meals.

My sister and I can form a groupie. Lol.

First Photo via Selectism, Second Photo via Fashion Journal and the rest of the photos taken using iPhone5

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