Saturday, September 20, 2014

Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters, Manila

Third wave coffee.

This refers to a culture that has the highest form of culinary appreciation for artisanal coffee. This whole "from bean to cup" process: growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing fascinates me. It's drinking passion in a cup.

Third wave coffee shops are starting to flourish in the metro and one of my favorites is Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters.

My love affair with Toby's Estate first started at their branch in Century City Mall.

This is such a cute infographic!

I wanted an iced drink and the barista recommended their iced mocha. The husband ordered a cup of mocha. We both shared a piece of bucky's not a brownie. 'Twas a good pairing.

Latte art.

After my first Toby's Estate experience, I decided to celebrate my birthday (which was three months ago) at their Salcedo Village branch with my closest friends. Besides excellent coffee, this space is really beautiful. What I liked most is this lighting fixture. It reminds me of Dumbledore's office.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

My friends loved Toby's iced chai chocolate but my loyalty is still with iced mocha. The rest of our orders were:

French Onion Soup
- chunky onion and bacon soup with gratinated gruyere and mozzarella cheese

- marble potatoes stuffed with bacon, gruyere, mozzarella and shallots, served with sour cream and Toby's coffee barbecue sauce

Pecan Pie (oops no photo!) and Pistachio Cheesecake

+ Buckies, Blondies and Bocaditos. I have yet to try the Gibraltar.

Did you know Toby's Estate recently opened a shop in BGC? It's within walking distance from our new place. I am so elated. What can I say? Life's too short to drink bad coffee.

Photos taken using iPhone 5.
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