Sunday, July 27, 2014

Travel with Airbnb

There's been a lot of debate between the difference of a flashpacker and a backpacker. I have seen several different meanings online. For me, they are both budget travelers who relish every moment, culture and food on every trip they make. The only difference I see for flashpackers is that they spend a little more by eating in a famous restaurant or taking a cab when it gets too late. Basically having more convenience but compromising their length of stay. Backpackers on the other hand will save every penny they have in order to stay longer.

I fall under the flashpacker category. To humbly explore the city without passing the opportunity to dine at a Mario Batali restaurant. I'm happy to say that I have started crossing off some places in my bucket list together with the husband. Whenever I travel, I always discover something that makes me want to  say "I just have to comeback." Thank God for Airbnb!

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences at any price at any point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

#MyAirbnbBucketList as of the moment:

5.) Geneva, Switzerland - It houses most if not all organizations who aims to make a world a better place. It would be nice to walk in its old towns and appreciate their architecture. I'm also pretty sure that their chocolate is to die for.

4.) The Museum of Terracotta Warriors (Xi'an, China) - The museum, more like a dig site is located in the Xi'an province of China. This marvelous site stands thousands of clay soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons believed to be created during the Qin Dynasty.

3.) Machu Picchu - This historic sanctuary is in Peru specifically in the Cusco region. It is believed to be the lost city of the Inca. Although there are some articles online that disagree, I still want to walk in these mountains.

2.) Bethlehem - The birthplace of Jesus Christ. I guess this says it all.

1.) Aurora Borealis in Norway - Also known as the Northern Lights. It can be seen in various countries like Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Canada and Norway. I want to see this in Norway. Why? Because the northern lights belt hits Northern Norway so this means it's the best place to see this heavenly phenomenon. It is best seen during late autumn or early spring.

And the list goes on gradually... XOXO

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