Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sakura Season

The sakura also known as cherry blossoms were in full bloom while we were in Tokyo. It was a spectacular sight to behold. Walking under clouds of pink petals was like being in a fairy tale. I couldn't get over on how beautiful they were. The appearance of these pink blooms signify the winter season is almost over.

During springtime in Japan, flower-viewing parties are held called Hanami. Hanami is a small party or get together held outdoors to appreciate the prettiness of these pink trees. This custom is centuries-old.

Sakura up close.

A weeping cherry tree at a Shinto temple near Mount Fuji.

Many parks and gardens in Tokyo are great spots to view cherry blossoms or host a hanami. I suggest checking the cherry blossom forecast if you're planning a trip to Japan's vast urban sprawl in springtime. After this experience, I have new found respect for flowering trees. I'm excited to see these again most probably in Kyoto.

Happy Easter!

Photos taken using Canon 550D and iPhone5

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