Friday, April 11, 2014


One of the best places to people watch in Tokyo is Harajuku. It is a small district in Shibuya and is also known to be Tokyo's epicenter of pop culture for the youth. An area where outrageous fashion is present. We visited Harajuku and the surrounding neighborhood of Omotesando and Aoyoma in our first two days in Tokyo. This is another photo heavy post.

Mike and I were staying in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.  To get there from our place, we had to ride the Keio New Line in Hatagaya station, go down Shinjuku station, walk for about 6 minutes, transfer to the JR Yamanote Line then hop off to Harajuku Station. The whole commute takes 17 minutes and costs Y260.

Our first stop, Nike's flagship store. My 14 year old nephew wanted a Kevin Durant shoe for his birthday too bad his size was not available. There are plenty of Japan exclusives too!

Then TopShop.  I was delighted to witness a hip hop event. You gotta love those Japanese DJs.

According to Time Out, Tokyo loves a culinary fad. That explains the long line at Garrett, a gourmet popcorn shop originally based in Chicago that recently opened in Harajuku. I'm not a big fan of popcorn but when a co-worker brought some of Garrett's from Singapore, I couldn't stop munching. 

Harajuku Street. For Mike, I think it should be called Heaven Street. Lol.

A lot of skater shops that sell Nike SBs and Nike Roshe Runs can be found here. Oh and did I mention bike shops?!

They say the best day to visit Harajuku is on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday is the busiest time for this place where you can see Japanese teenagers in Lolita Doll fashion, goth, punk and cosplay. Cosplay means wearing a costume of your favorite anime character or movie star. We did see some girls dressed in costumes but it was too dark already to have a good photo taken with them. Anyway, I  took photos of shops that sell costumes instead. 

While strolling this street, a line from Gwen Stefani's song popped up in my head. "Harajuku Girls, you got the wicked style, I like the way that your are, I am your biggest fan."

Next, Takeshita Street. Another famous street in the Harajuku area. You can find Wolfgang Puck Express here. I'll discuss more about it in another post.

The Japanese are crazy about crepes and pancakes. The demand for crepes are high.

The neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful architecture.

My favorite building in Aoyoma: Prada. Every line the brand has produced can be found here. Omotesando and Aoyoma areas are where you can find the more affluent crowd.

Inside Omotesando Hills...

Omotesando traffic...

Another store that caught the husband's attention.

Photos taken using Canon 550D and iPhone 5. Some information from Wikipedia and TimeOut.

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