Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pancake House's Spicy Chicken Fillet in Brown Rice Pilaf

Pancake House and me go way back. We used to have breakfasts on Saturdays with my dad in Magallanes once he's done playing tennis. I've been ordering the classic pancakes with bacon on the side, BLT sandwich, hamburger steak and classic pan chicken paired with a thick vanilla milkshake or cold calamansi juice on a rotational basis for as long as I can remember.

My sister loves the classic pan chicken and my brother's favorite is their hamburger steak. All of us love their banana split sundae. Of course, as we get older, our preferences change. There was a phase when I just ordered Pork Vienna or share a bowl of almondigas soup and a 3-pc classic pan chicken with Mike.

As I become mindful of what I eat, my favorite became the Spicy Chicken Fillet in Brown Rice Pilaf. It is served with garlic mayo and lemon wedge on the side. Besides being packed with flavor, it is healthy too! This is best when you're looking for a fiber-rich meal.

How about you what's your favorite Pancake House dish?

Photo taken using iPhone 5

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