Thursday, February 6, 2014

My First Apple & Bee Products

Check out my new Apple & Bee foldout bath bag in Lovehearts. It is made from certified organic cotton, hemp jute and calico. It is also waterproof on the inside. This came as a late Christmas present from my boss. It's a long story. Anyway, I first came across this brand when I was browsing the shelves of Flight 001 in Bonifacio High Street. I am immediately taken with their designs!  I really appreciate good craftsmanship especially on products that are good for the environment.

If you've been following my humble little blog, you would know that I like organic, sustainable, eco-friendly stuff and how I love to patronize products of companies with environmental causes. I'm happy that Apple & Bee is one of them. They are a carbon neutral company based in Australia. They are also the founders of The Bee Foundation. They raise money and promote awareness about the health and importance of honey bees.

As a frequent traveler, this foldout bath bag will come very handy. I can just hang it on the wall or on the steel bar by the door.

And because I loved this design, I bought a matching Apple & Bee envelope makeup bag in Lovehearts too! This came with an Apple & Bee branded dust bag.

These bags are the perfect fusion of sophistication, form and function. How about you? How green are your bags?

Photo taken using an iPhone 5

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