Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My BackJoy Posture +

Mike surprised me with a BackJoy Posture + for Valentine's day. He's not the hearts and flowers type. He gives well-thought of presents and according to his sister, the husband is slowly becoming part of an endangered species. I've been complaining about shoulder and back pains lately and this is probably due to bad posture, slouching while slaving away in front of a computer working, blogging etc. Clearly, he's been paying attention.

It took me a few days to get used to BackJoy Posture +. Now, I'm starting to love the support it gives me. It engages my core muscles, comfortably positions my pelvis, the tightness of my hips and the compression on my spine lessens. I feel the natural curve of my spine when I sit on it. I also use this when driving. Since I travel a lot, I plan to bring this along on the plane to make my future journeys more comfortable especially on long flights. Combined with my yoga practice, this will go a long way to prevent my shoulder and back pains to haunt me again. 

I suggest you give it a try. I highly recommend it. Just make sure to sit on it properly and let BackJoy work it's magic on your back. Of course, it cannot cure major back issues but it can help alleviate the pain. I cannot imagine not having one from now on. 

Change your posture. Change your life. =)

Photo taken using iPhone5


  1. Nice article :)
    Have you tried this while driving? I'm curious as to how'd that would go? Thanks..

    1. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog Mike! Yes I am also using this while driving. The effect is the same for me.


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