Monday, October 7, 2013

Arm Candies

It's been seven successful days of no expensive cold coffee. I have 24 more days to go to complete this goal. I needed some distractions and fortunately the universe responded in my favor.

Distraction No. 1: I just found out about SNSD's Galaxy Supernova video and their endorsement for Samantha Thavasa Jeans. I love you Hyoyeon! <3 #girlcrush

Distraction No. 2: Two beautiful, kind-hearted, angels came to surprise me with such random presents: shiny, sparkly, stylish stacks on the wrist to be specific. These bracelets can accentuate your OOTD and add pops of color to it.

This yellow overload set came from my good friend Purple Rain. 

and this Mint Set came from the ultimate source: Riza. Visit her Facebook and Instagram pages to browse more pretty stuff. 

I bought some of these Anchors Away for myself and for my sister in laws. I have a thing for nautical stuff like stripes, ropes, anchors just like my thing for owls.

Thank you Purple Rain and Kolorete_Riza! You just made my week feel so much better! Bless your generous hearts! <3<3<3

Images taken using iPhone5


  1. Decided to click on your name in one of the comments you posted in MarketMan's blog. I'm pixienixie. :) Love your posts! I backread a bit and will be sure to check out your other posts when I have time. I'll be trying out that easy-peasy beef stroganoff recipe later.

    I like the anchor bracelet, too! Where did you buy it?

    1. Hello there PixieNixie! Thanks for taking the time to visit my humble little blog. I'm a follower of MarketMan's blog whenever I have the time. It's such an inspiration for a beginner like me who also love to eat and make home-cooked meals. Yeah, the beef stroganoff's pretty easy to make but also so sinful.

      For the anchor bracelet, I bought it from a friend's friend named Riza. You can visit her Facebook page or Instagram page I linked in this post to see stocks. Her contact details are in them and she ships all over the Philippines. =)


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