Friday, September 27, 2013

Abstaining from Cold Coffee...

I like my coffee iced, with skim milk and whipped on top. That's my version of morning coffee. I also drink lattes and brewed ones on days when I feel like having one or two cups. But, I have decided to take a pause on my cold caffeine addiction / splurge for 31 days starting October 1st.

My favorite cold coffee beverage among them all is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's double chocolate ice-blended. This is my usual drink. But, I switch to mocha ice-blended no sugar added from time to time or to different cold coffee drinks from other coffee shops.

I'm not breaking up with my dearest double chocolate drink. This is just a small goal I have set for myself to remind me of the value of delaying gratification and to lessen my dependence on expensive caffeine. After October 31, I will try to just have a serving maybe once a week or less. This will also be benefical to me health-wise.

Wish me luck! I will keep everyone posted of my progress.

Happy Friday Folks!

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