Sunday, August 25, 2013

There's Always Time for Tea

One Sunday afternoon, Mike and I had the opportunity to have tea at TWG (The Wellness Group) Greenbelt 5 with my sister. We are so happy that it finally found its way here in Manila.

TWG has an extensive tea list, it can get a little overwhelming to choose. We ordered one teapot each of Ceylon Uva Black Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea. As we sipped our teas, we continue to talk about happy things. No matter how busy our lives are, it's good to slow down sometimes and just reconnect, appreciate the moment, the non-stop blessings and life in general.

A teapot is equivalent to five cups.

Sugar cubes!

I had several cups of Moroccan Mint and one cup of Ceylon Uva Black. There's something about the minty flavor that soothes me.

Of course, what is tea without a good pairing of macarons or cookies. TWG infused their macarons with their signature teas. The flavors I chose were Napolean Tea and Caramel, Camelot Tea and Praline and Earl Grey Fortune and Chocolate.

We will definitely be coming back. I'm excited to try the rest of their menu and purchase some of their tea accessories. It was a luxurious experience and best of all it was my sister's treat. =)

Have a cup of tea and bring a little more hope in the world!

Photos taken using iPhone5

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