Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Breakfast Store

Two of my favorite things in life: breakfast/brunch + the morning sunshine.

One Sunday, we chanced upon The Breakfast Store. It is the first concept store in the country that features anything for and  anything related to breakfast. It is the blue and white store located across Blue Ridge along Katipunan Avenue. 

When we went inside, we saw a pretty blue table filled with the store's specials and samples. We received a warm welcome from Jennifer, the shopkeeper.

The store features local products made from quality ingredients sourced from different provinces in the Philippines. 

Bottles of Coconut Vinegar and Pure Honey

 Jars and packs of locally-grown coffee beans. Don't you just love their packaging?

A wide selection of jams and jellies. Uh-oh, I didn't get to take a photo of the cheeses!

Pure coconut water

Organic Gilded Grains (Rice)

Sea Salt

The infamous chocolate balls (the Christmas gift that launched the breakfast store) for those who love a good cup of cocoa.

Different kinds of longganisa (a Filipino breakfast sausage influenced by the Spanish) that has natural preservatives. We bought the Tuguegarao longganisa. I served it with garlic rice and a side dish of tomato, onion and salted egg. Ahhh...the perfect breakfast! I'd love to try their Vigan and Lucban longganisas next time.

Handmade breakfastware by Lanelle Abueva - Fernando, a well known ceramic artist. 

With every purchase of The Breakfast Store branded products, a plate of breakfast is donated to Ateneo's the BluePlate for Better Learning, a feeding program that serves breakfast to public school children to ensure that they get proper nutrition in order to perform better in academics. 

By the way, they are opening a breakfast place called the Breakfast Table located in Maginhawa Street. Excited much! 

Don't forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day don't skip it. =)

Photos taken using iPhone5

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