Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet Kitchen Surprise!

Two days ago, I received something in the mail from Taste Central. I was curious because I didn't remember ordering anything online. 

It turned out that my sweet husband ordered some Trader Joe's stuff for me. My obsession for the Joe started when I first tasted their speculoos cookie butter. Their store is a whole new world of remarkable foodie finds! Normally, I receive stuff from this awesome brand when my sister or other relatives are visiting from the States and we get our cookie butter stash from The Food Bin, a specialty food store located in Katipunan Avenue.  

Mike got me the Wasabi Mayo, Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant and Garlic and 2 Tubes of Tomato Paste. I guess he's been paying attention when I gush about ingredients I like to try. **feeling flattered**

This kitchen splurge beats the gloomy and stormy Tuesday morning weather. ( I used the word SPLURGE because Trader Joe's products are more expensive here in MNL, shipping and all) 

I immediately made toasts with red pepper spread topped with mozzarella. Mmmm.... Delicious! 

I feel so blessed to have a spouse who is very supportive in my culinary pursuits!

Photos taken using iPhone

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