Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heima - Live Happy, Beyond Ordinary

How is your weekend doing? I spent most of my Saturday exploring the streets of Kapitolyo, Pasig.

I had my first trip to Heima at their Brixton branch yesterday. Stunning space, quirky finds, impressive interiors, fabulous displays and furniture that can be customized to your liking need I say more? 


Heima means "home" in Icelandic. It is a home and lifestyle store with branches in Makati and Pasig Cities. Their brand is fueled by their passion for travel, music and design. They advocate a lifestyle that promotes being original, standing out and enjoying life's whimsy. They envision everyone's homes to be warm and welcoming. They take  pride in building happy homes.

Don't you just love their vintage mailbox? I'm modern as can be in some ways but there is still a huge part me of that will always be old fashioned. I'm an old soul lurking in a modern world. I love writing on paper. I'd hate to have all the hours spent in writing class in my elementary days gone to waste. It's a lot more personal writing in your own penmanship.

I really like the positive atmosphere the whole store exudes.

I'm a sucker for pendant lamps! I'll have some in my future kitchen and dining room.

Loads of paper goodness! I died a little when I saw their selection of Washi tapes. Their items will unleash the crafter in you.

Every home has a story to tell. Every piece you bring home from this store adds character to your living space. They also have furnishings that can be custom-made. Did you know that each piece is locally made?

Would you believe that I use to do my reports in high school using a typewriter even if we already have a computer at home? This reminded me of my teacher in typing class scolding me for not properly positioning my fingers in ASDF (left) and JKL: (right) keys. 

I also remembered the local pay phone where we drop three 25 centavo coins before we can actually make a call. Ain't this diner phone cute?

Sometimes all we need is a little motivation in life to reach for our dreams.

I couldn't agree more!
What I love about COFFEE is the whole process from bean to cup!
Uh-oh, the travel bug inside me needs to be fed soon...

Other lovely finds... Coffee? Photography? Travel? Music? You name it, they got it!

I can already picture myself in a loft in Toronto playing records on this turn table and taking photos with instant prints. Including these in my wish list. (Dear Universe, please do your part. Love, Me)

Heima's wall art outside is soo cute!!! I couldn't resist having a photo taken with myself in it. A special shout out goes to the hubby and my ever reliable iPhone. 

It's difficult not to swoon because everywhere I look there are tons of utter gorgeousness! What made my day was when I heard a local cover of my favorite song from The Smiths playing in the background inside Heima.

Five stars for Heima! Live Happy, Beyond Ordinary!

Photos taken using iPhone5
Some information taken from Heima's About Us.


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