Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Penne Al Telefono

My side of the family loves Cibo. We've loved it ever since it opened its doors way way back. It's our go to place for bonding over good conversations and good food.

We had a family lunch last Sunday at our favorite Italian resto.

Spremuta D'Arancia and Limone

Top: Insalate di Mare, Penne Al Telefono, Spinaci Zola
Bottom: Prosciutto di Parma Rossa, Farfalle ala Genovese, Aglio Rosmarino
Our most recent family get-together has inspired me to rehash the beloved Penne Al Telefono. Thanks to the Pepper blog for the recipe. I did some modifications by adding fresh basil leaves and 4 tablespoons of tomato paste to the sauce while it simmers. 

With all humility, the result was amazing! I think the secret was the chicken boullion. 

By the way telefono is a playful reference to mozzarella cheese when heated curls like a telephone cord.   

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