Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge Event

Last Saturday, I attended the Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge product launch at Romulo's Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants in the Scout area. It was my first ever brand event as a blogger. 

When I first got the invite from Nestle through Nuffnang, I was ecstatic because my first invite was from a brand that I truly believe in and its products have been part of our family for generations. Another perk was I get to bring a friend too! It was like the stars were all aligned for me at the moment. The timing was perfect because I've been meaning to unwind and just go lounge somewhere close to nature after being swamped with work for weeks.

When I arrived at the venue, I was immediately asked to register and choose what kind of spa service I would like to avail. I chose to have a foot massage with hot stone. The treatment was heavenly! It soothed all my aches and pains away! 

Phoebe, Rhea and me snacked on truffle oil/salt seasoned popcorn and fruit shakes afterwards. 

Then we proceeded to do our very own artwork for the canvass chiller bags Nestle has provided. It was fun because we get to express our own personalities through our designs and drawings. We didn't get to watch the short films upstairs because we spent more time designing our chiller bags.

And then it was buffet time. (wink) I was so smitten with the table setup and styling of the room. I felt like I was part of Alice in Wonderland attending the Mad Hatter's un-birthday party.

Ms. Cherie Gil hosted the program together with Kakki Teodoro to endorse Nestle Acti-V yogurt with ActiFibras. She also shared her secrets of staying young, vibrant and beautiful even at age 50.

My key takeaways from Ms. Cherie Gil:
  • Always start the day with gratitude. Gratitude is key in living a happy life.
  • Exercise. According to her, she took jazz lessons at age of 11, started working out in the gym since she was 15 and now she's learning the tango. She said it is important to immerse yourself in physical activities that is why she exposed her kids outdoors when they were young. She even has a grand aunt at age 96 who still active and goes swimming up to this day.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Increase your fiber intake by having a daily serving of Nestle Acti-V with ActiFibras. This is the only yogurt that has fiber. Fiber improves intestinal regularity and transit that helps alleviate the discomforts of constipation and abdominal bloating.
  • Keep smiling.
  • Off tangent: The liquid she threw at Ms. Sharon Cuneta was really white wine in the movie Bituin Walang Ningning where she said the infamous line "You're nothing but a second-rate trying hard copy cat!"
  • Her real name is Evangeline Rose.
I'm very fortunate to have met her in person and to have a photo taken with her. (Thanks Phoebs!) She is a woman of great influence, beauty and substance.

Then we had a serving of Nestle Acti-V for dessert. It tastes sooo good! I like the strawberry bits that come with it. I know for a fact that this helps aid my digestion considering the amount of food I ate from the buffet. The best part was I get to take home a week's supply of Nestle Acti-V.

Thank you Nuffang and Nestle for this wonderful opportunity! It was a day full of indulgence, pampering and friendship!


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