Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Perfect Panini

These two bags the number one and number two spots in my list interchangeably:

Cibo's Verdure Tartufate. 

Asparagus, Zucchini, Fontina, Mushroom, Truffle Paste on Tuscan Whole Wheat. This panini goes well with Cibo's homemade potato chips, their maionese and limone (lemon iced tea with mint leaves). Whenever our family dines at Cibo, I always order this or their penne al telefono. 

Starbucks' Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on Flat Bread. 

I order this often because there is always an available Starbucks branch lurking around the corner and mostly they're open until dawn or operate on a 24-hour basis. I tried re-creating this. It was good, but of course the one being sold in Starbucks Coffee is way better.

I'm not a vegetarian/vegan but I try my best to choose what I eat. As much as possible but still guilty with it, I avoid fast food chains. I try my best to purchase certified organic ingredients when I can. I'm even planning to grow my own herb garden probably when we move out to a new place.

Of course, sometimes it could get a little more expensive however, eating healthy should be a priority. Also, based on my experience, the best way not to spend a lot on gourmet food is to re-create it yourself at home. It's a trial and error thing but it certainly works. You get to learn a lot too!

How about you? I'd love to know what's your favorite panini too! Spill!

Monday, June 24, 2013

iPhone Cases

I'm a proud owner of a new iPhone 5. Yay! I'm totally smitten with it. Now, I have the privilege of choosing a case or several cases for that matter.

These 4 are already wish-listed.

Maybe I should start a collection. What do you think?

{Images from Society6, Zazzle and Anthropologie}

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birthday Cakes

I spent my birthday more than a week ago. It was a day filled with laughter, friendship and family. I was also fortunate enough to have two birthday cakes on 2 different days. On my actual birthday I had a moist chocolate cake from Cafe Mary Grace.

And on another day, my office bought me a salted chocolate cake from Wildflour Cafe + Bakery. Both were very delicious but the latter was humongous. It was huge enough to reach my chocolate quota for a month and a half. 

And here's a selfie photo of me on my special day. Thanks to a good friend who did my eye makeup. 

I am feeling grateful for having another year added in to my existence, for all the people who remembered me and for all the experiences of the past year. I hope my only birthday wish comes true this year. Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Goodbye Summer

So many things to do, so little time. But luckily we caught a break and was able to spend last weekend at a beach nearby to relax, unwind and finally say goodbye to summer.

Goodbye summer! Till next year!

Photos taken using iPhone5

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snacking on Speculoos

We don't have Trader Joe's here in Manila, I got my very own Speculoos Cookie Butter 11 ounce jar from The Food Bin. I was skeptical at first to try it. I usually wait for the hype to die down before I try something but I was intrigued. Maybe it had something to do with being a cookie fanatic. So when the opportunity for procuring one came, I ordered one.

When I tried a teaspoonful of this spreadable Speculoos cookie wonder, I was immediately hooked. Considering that this is about Php 150-160 in the US and being sold here in Manila from different sources for about Php 450 - 500. It's a bit pricey but because this is not always available locally, we have to consider the cost it took to get it here. All I can say is that it's worth it! 

My next project, Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Notes to Self: Just Do Your Best

We've been postponing a lot of things in lieu of a bigger plan but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be doing our best in where we are right now. 

Thank you Soulseeds for the inspiration! 

{Image from Soulseeds}

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