Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Cupcake Party Project

We hosted a going-away cupcake party for a friend last Monday. But we served more than just cupcakes. We had French macarons, Italian food, enormous chocolate chunk cookies and lemonade. Arts and crafts are also included.

I bought a box of 6 cupcakes from Sonja's. A local cupcakery built out of the baker's passion for cupcakes. By the way, Sonja previously worked for the famous Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

I just couldn't stop admiring the display on their shop's window. It's sooo cute!

After careful consideration, I have decided which flavors to buy:Vanilla Sunshine, Chocolate Surprise, Chocolate Overload, Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl, Lemon Drop and Red Velvet Vixen to be specific.

I finally made use of my Kikkerland paper straw stash and baker's twine again. Woohoo!

The flowers on the paper straws were personally handcrafted by my friend Anna and she didn't stop there. She also made labels and a cute backdrop. It's such a nice feeling to get to know another kindred spirit. The lemonade was courtesy of Caye. The glasses above were from Meryl who is actually the celebrant of this going-away cupcake party. She also brought the flowery cupcake holders and the chocolate chunk cookies that are to die for.

Plate and Photo courtesy of Anna

The French Macarons came from Patricia and the rest of the logistics were taken cared of Jennifer.

The whole feast (Italian food were ordered from Pasto)

Photo courtesy of Anna

It was a fun evening filled with good food, good conversations, non-stop laughter and packed with calories. It was fabulous to celebrate with the girls but a little sad to be wishing farewell to a good friend.

{Printable Labels from Eat Drink Chic}


  1. Super like! I had sooo much fun with you girls! ^_^ Let's do this again some time. Different theme naman. :D

  2. I had fun too! Let's do it again and unleashed the artistic side of our team! Love it! Yahoo!


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