Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project Organize Your Entire Life eBook

I was raised by a mom who could be Martha Stewart's clone. But, even if I have inherited her neatness and organizing gene, I could never ever fill her shoes. Yes, I do have a knack in cleaning, sorting, de-cluttering and arranging stuff in a smart manner, but once everything is all spic and span, bright and shiny, my biggest frustration is maintaining and keeping everything that way. Then I saw this eBook... It certainly got me inspired!

I'm excited to purchase a copy once my Ipad Mini arrives! It will aid me on staying on top of things and maybe train me to be a domestic goddess someday. Lol. It's the perfect Mother's Day present I could think of that my mom would really enjoy.

What have you decided to give your mom on their special day? Spill!

{Image from ModernParentsMessyKids}

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