Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Green Life

I know getting on the path to a sustainable way of life may be quite the challenge and may take a lot of effort to get used to. It's a good thing that local citizens are starting to become more conscious about the green movement.

Before, it is difficult to look for certified organic stuff in one place. But now, I'm happy that we have Echostore. I'd like to call it the local Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

Took this photo at their branch in Eton Centris
ECHO stands for Environment, Community, Hope, Organization.

Echomarket - Offers fresh organic produce and prepared foods grown by local farmers and producers.
Echostore - A social enterprise and retail store carrying green, fair trade products created by marginalized community groups from all over the country.
Echocafe - Offers healthier meals that have fresh ingredients either organically grown or are sourced from community groups all over the country.

What's I like best about them:
  • They support sustainable businesses in our community
  • They give people a choice between traditional and organic stuff
  • They can vouch for the traceability of the products offered at the store
  • They work with a lot of marginalized communities, NGOs, cooperatives and help them find market access in the city.
  • They support family farms.
  • They seem to have everything the environmentally conscious consumer could want. 
On a daily basis, I try my best to live a green life. I do my share of re-use, reduce, recycle. I make sure to purchase local products which can lower the carbon footprint of getting the product to me. Reading the label is a good practice too!

Live clean, live green and live healthy.

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