Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tea Time

Happy Hump Day Everyone! As I am typing this post, I hear voices outside applauding someone. Yes, we live beside a golf course and a golfer probably had a hole in one. A lot of good things came my way this April. I have accepted a new role in the International Development community plus I do a little consulting business on the side. That's what kept me from blogging these past two weeks.

This life's little changes is a reason to celebrate. I am planning to invite some friends over for tea this weekend if the time permits. I got inspired over this idea. And I know that you all may be fully aware that I'm very addicted to Pinterest 

Tea is liquid wisdom and it would be a nice change from our regular cold-coffee drinking sprees. I can't wait to try and learn make Real Simple's Flourless Chocolate Cake but using Market Man's version.

Ooops, time's up. Back in the daily grind. Toodles for now!

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