Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tofu Stir-Fry

I'm on a healthy lifestyle revolution right now! I've been cutting back my meat consumption by preparing more vegetarian recipes. Giving up meat progressively is a good practice. Hopefully it will become a transitional phase in becoming a full veggie but as of the moment I don't know if I can totally give up my meat intake but I can certainly lessen it. And, if I have to prepare a meat-based dish I go for the organic ones.

So, I prepared this Tofu-Stir Fry Recipe I got from Mariel's blog but with slight modifications.


  • I used flat-leaf Italian parsley instead of cilantro because it was out of stock from the supermarket.
  • I added 2 pieces of cayenne pepper (siling-labuyo), chopped
  • Instead of lemon juice, I used 6 pieces of squeezed calamansi
As instructed, I served it with hot rice and it was gone in an instant. This tofu recipe is packed with flavor. 

I love tofu but the only recipe I know how make by heart is Tokwa't Baboy (Beancurd and Pork) which is a very common Filipino dish. But now I have a new one and it was a hit with family members.

Thank you Mariel for the inspiration! 


  1. My wife wants to eat tofu for her dinner and I think this is the perfect food for her. I will now copy this and create it for her. Thanks for sharing!

    Easy Stir Fry

    1. You're welcome James! I hope you and your wife had a lovely tofu dinner! Cheers!


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