Monday, March 18, 2013

To Market, To Market...

As I continue my journey to mindful eating, a visit to weekend markets is starting to become a regular stint. I love checking out the local produce. It's more environment-friendly buying from the source because it doesn't have a middleman and has not traveled vast distances to get to you. Organic produce is also cheaper compared to the ones in the supermarket.

My loot from yesterday's Sidcor Sunday Market:

Organic Green Bell Peppers 

Organic Cherry Tomatoes from Benguet State University's Stall

American Eggplant

It looks a bit different from the normal Kale, however I did some research and found out that this is related to the Tuscan Kale

A sense of occasion and a festive vibe is always present at farmers' markets. It's nice talking to farmers  and their family members or staff because of their knowledge and passion about food. They talk about growing, preparing, and storing food. I actually could learn something every visit. 

A few favorite stalls from Sidcor Sunday Market:

When I finally arrived at their stall, all the Kale was gone...
This is where I bought Kale. There were only 3 bunches left.
I also found these:

Someday, when my husband and me have our own place, I'll be having an herb garden.
Habanera Chillies
Are these forget me knots?
There are even a few stalls that sell pets. Mike can't get over these Kois. He loves fish.

Let's continue to buy local and support our farmers. 

Remember, some things are just better fresh. <3 <3 <3

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