Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gray Areas

They say gray is the new white. What I like most about this multi-toned neutral is the ease of mixing other stylish colors with it. It has a way of making other colors pop. It exudes sophistication in a subtle way. I think it's the best. paint. ever. period.

I have been thinking of repainting our bedroom walls with light warm gray. I don't think it's gloomy if you have the perfect splashes of color and appropriate lighting to pair it with. Based on some of my readings, it is best to use flat paint instead of semi-gloss or high gloss otherwise it will look too "industrialized".

I've been drooling over these beautiful design ideas via Pinterest:

Le Sigh! I'm already going ga-ga over gray painted walls.  I can't wait to paint our bedroom walls!

Happy Thursday!

{All Images via Pinterest}

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