Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Beachy Weekend at Nagsasa Cove

As the early signs of summer starts to appear, a few simple tips to beat the heat:
  1. Drink plenty of iced beverages
  2. Take a cold shower
  3. Go to the beach and take a swim
I just did tip number 3 last weekend. We went for a two and a half hour drive from Metro Manila to Pundaquit, a small fishing village located in the province of Zambales and then took a boat ride for an hour to Nagsasa Cove.

Riding the Banca

During the boat ride...

This rock reminds me of Mordor. LOL.

And the eagle has landed boat has docked

    Here in the Philippines, every beach has a story to tell. After Anawangin rose to fame, it paved the way for other hidden coves in the Zambales region to be discovered. I have spoken to one of the residents of the island. According to him,  Nagsasa Cove wouldn't have been present if Mt. Pinatubo had not erupted in 1991. 

It was a "Mother Nature at its Finest" weekend for me and my best friends together with our loved ones. The electricity powered by a generator is available only from 6PM until 10PM, there is no cellphone signal and internet connection on the island. Our activities (other than eating and drinking) included camping, exploring the area, taking photographs, lighting a bonfire, toasting marshmallows, swimming and trekking the hills.

No Signal = No Emails Ha!

Welcome to Nagsasa Cove

at the camp site


When we went trekking up the hill the next morning, the view literally took my breath away.

My friend Rhea going uphill
The view is spectacular from up here

Mike: This is the life!!!
It is nice and refreshing though to go back to the basics once in a while. 

Our special thanks goes out to Gone Wild Campers for organizing this relaxing and rejuvenating trip to paradise. Oh and the food was awesome!

GWC is a group who provides unique tours and facilitates camping trips to destinations not commonly visited by many. Besides their services and the food they prepare, what I like best about them is their commitment to protect and preserve the environment.

Gone Wild Campers Team
Email: gonewildcampers@yahoo.com
Mobile: +63 917 863 1802 / +63 928 279 8826

Till next time! =)


  1. GWC is really the best! I'm glad you also enjoyed their company (I mean, pakikisama, not literally, company ^^,)...

    You can check out my review about them and Nagsasa Cove here, too!

    ♥ Lei

  2. Hey Lei! Thanks for checking out my blog. I agree GWC is the best! The food they serve is awesome too! =)

  3. Thanks Lei, admin mac here from GWC. Try our new spots, Talisayin Cove and Nagsasa Cove. See you this summer ;)

  4. You're both welcome! We'll try it soon... :3


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