Monday, February 25, 2013

The Urban Ashram Manila (High Street)

Hello! It's been a anyone still out there?

I had such a busy week. We had relatives who were visiting from abroad who we were attending to. In addition to that, I've also been juggling appointments, running errands and driving around the metro. My schedule suddenly went haywire.

It's a good thing I've got yoga in my life to keep me sane and centered. Today's the last day of my 15-day unlimited pass at Urban Ashram Manila and I was able to practice on almost a daily basis. Whew!

I'm sooo purchasing their Flexi-Pass or if my future schedule permits, their Unlimited Pass.

Proximity/Accessibility is one of the most important factors I consider in choosing a yoga studio as I've said in previous post.

Urban Ashram Manila bags the number one spot for the time being. May I also add that it is one of the most beautiful and creative yoga spaces I've ever seen! I loved the major colors used! Purple, gray and apple green to be specific. Currently, they have two studios: one is located in Brixton and the newest one is at the 3rd floor of Active Fun, Bonifacio High Street.Both studios were designed by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Here's a mini tour of the Urban Ashram Manila's High Street studio:

The reception area exudes a Zen-like atmosphere.
Yoga Boutique
This is a really comfy seating area. The kid on the right is playing with his Ipad while waiting for his mom to finish her practice. The studio has WiFi access.
A lot of good reads!
Clean, Well-maintained, Spacious Shower/Locker Rooms

The West Studio
The East Studio
A few note-worthy things about Urban Ashram Manila:
  • They make a conscious effort in preserving our environment by using recycled bottles for their organic lemongrass-scented shampoo/liquid soap. 
  • They have high ceilings, skylights, windows to allow natural lighting hence minimizing energy consumption. 
  • They are committed to Earth-friendly and responsible practices.
  • They are the first Green Yoga Association certified yoga studio in the Philippines
  • They have inspiring, highly-qualified, Yoga Alliance-registered teachers.
  • The community has a friendly vibe.
  • It is definitely an urban sanctuary in the heart of the metro.
  • I can't get over the Jivamukti Gel experience I had in some of the classes I have participated. LOL. (Note to Self: I should purchase a jar of Jivamukti Gel soon!)

By the way, I was also able to participate in a donation-based community class led by James Brown for the benefit of Mano Amiga Academy. Being able to help someone reach for their dreams feels really good!

I'm looking forward to my next practice already!


{Last Image from Urban Ashram Manila's Facebook Page}


  1. Urban Ashram is offering free outdoor classes on Mondays and Fridays until 26 June 2013.


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