Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life Lately...

And so my yoga journey continues...

I signed up for a 15-day unlimited pass at Urban Ashram Manila High Street branch. This offer is valid for people who will be practicing for the first time in their studio.

It's been my second day here. I was able to take a Vinyasa class yesterday and a Hatha class earlier today. Wohoo! I'm really glad that I have found another studio that is accessible to me for the time being.

This year I have set a goal to live and eat healthy. I'm backing up this commitment by practicing yoga regularly, having adequate sleep, choosing what I eat and redirecting my thoughts into things that I am optimistic about.

More deets about the studio soon!


Oh, and I'd like to greet everyone a belated Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Hi Carmela,
    Thought your post was great - it's exactly the kind of content we're looking for. Are you interested in guest blogging? It's for a new site featuring live online yoga classes (where you could also teach if you wanted to). I'll leave my email below if you're interested.


    1. Sure Matteo! I replied to your email last Saturday. 😊


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