Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life Lately

They say "Spontaneity is the spice of life". So, while I was organizing every nook and cranny of our bedroom while folding clean laundry with no plans to leave the house, my good friend Rhea called me (on a week day which means she has work) to meet her at Bonifacio High Street / Serendra for a "pig-out session".

Of course after that "spontaneous" phone call, I immediately got dressed and hopped on the first train I could get hold off because my husband brought the car to work. By the way, his office is around the area where I would be meeting Rhea and we could just go home together when he clocks out of work.

We started the festivities with Apple Cinnamon Honey Iced Teas, Vigan Longganisa with Kesong Puti Pan De Sal, Chips with Garlic Mayo Dip and an additional Ensaymada (for Rhea) at Mary Grace Cafe. This is one of my favorite sources of comfort food. My whole family loves dining here too.

Cafe Mary Grace Serendra branch
 I love the little details the owner has incorporated in her restaurants. It feels like home. My favorite Cafe  Mary Grace branch is the one in Greenbelt Mall.

We went for a little bargain shopping at Market Market. I didn't buy anything but Rhea was able to buy a pair of shoes at Payless Shoe Source. Next, we went for cupcakes at Sonja's.

I was tempted to order some of these Red Velvet Vixen

But ordered these instead:

Choco Cream Pie and Pistachio Berries & Cream
Cupcake photos from Cupcakes by Sonja
We had the cupcakes boxed for take out and brought these babies up the CBTL Bar (located at the 3rd floor of GAP and MUJI shops)

For Me: Choco Cream Pie
Rich Luscious Belgian Chocolate Cream in Oreo Crust generously topped with Whipped Cream and Orea Bits
For Rhea: Pistachio Berries and Cream
Brown Butter Pistachio Cupcake with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream Icing
Then ordered our ice blended drinks and enjoyed the slightly cold weather (for Philippine standards) and the view. We also spotted a local celebrity and blogger (Rica Peralejo) at a table next to us. I was too shy to say hi. lol.

Disciplined spontaneity (being spontaneous with boundaries) is something Rhea and I both share. Being spontaneous can be beneficial in our lives. It keeps our mind sharp because having surprises, little twists and unknowns in our schedule and being OK with it can force us to really focus on what really matters. It's also de-stressing since it helps us cope with unknown situations plus it gives us that spur-of-the-moment rush to shake things up a bit in our routine. Keep in mind that even just a little (like a massage, a change of scenery) can go a long way. 

Life is good!

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