Friday, December 7, 2012

Warm Wedding Wishes

We had a wish tree with crystals and votive candles setup instead of a wishing well for our wedding. Our theme was winter in New York City and I personally don't think that a wishing well would be appropriate. Beside our wish tree was a wish box for our guests who opted to give us monetary presents.

Wish Tree was provided by our caterer K by Cunanan Catering
Wish Box was a gift from my cousin Mary Jo
Note cards for the wish tree printed with same design we had for our invites
A very dear cousin hanging her wishes for us 

Every time I get to have the opportunity to read these warm wishes written for us, my heart is filled with love and joy.

I can't wait for our 2nd wedding anniversary!

Happy Friday!

{Images 1,2 and 3 from our wedding photographer Mimi and Karl, Image 4 is from my good friend Phoebe}  

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