Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our M&Ms Wedding Favors

Mike and I decided to have M&Ms chocolate candies as wedding favors. It's a universal favorite and we thought that instead of giving our guests trinkets that would just accumulate dust in their homes, it is better to give them something edible. Plus we can personalize them or choose specific colors that would complement our motif perfectly.

Mike's aunt and cousin bought these M&Ms for us as a wedding present. I chose the color purple, lavender, blush pink and platinum shimmer. These colors go well with our purple and gray motif.

The favor boxes were my DIY project for our wedding. I ordered the gray boxes and spools of purple grosgrain ribbon with white stitches online. I designed the stickers and placed two silver dots to add a little sparkle.

These little details are the best way to show off your personal style and take your wedding theme to the next level.

How about you, what wedding favor would like to give your guests?

{Images 1 and 2 from Mimi and Karl}


  1. I love these! Where did you find the gray boxes? My brother's wedding is in April and they've chosen pink & gray as the colors so these little boxes would be perfect. So creative!

  2. Hello Kmdavis! =)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm glad you liked this post. I bought the gray boxes online from plus they were on sale. Anyway, congratulations and best wishes in advance to your brother and his bride! Have a nice day!



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