Monday, November 19, 2012

The Julie / Julia Project

We have the exact same wire whisk at home. =)
I watched Julie & Julia over the weekend. I finished reading the book months ago but didn't get to watch the movie when it was shown in 2009.  Being a blogger, I felt completely inspired. I could totally relate to Julie's situation back then when she was still cooking her way into Julia Child's MtAoFC.

I used to be stuck in a humdrum job too only hers was better because she's based in New York. (If I can make it here I can make it anywhere that's what they say - Empire State of Mind II) Sometimes I have melt downs and doubts too. I'm in my thirties and still waiting for plans to push through in my life. (Note to Self: Patience is a Virtue) One key take away from this book/movie is to fuel your passion. It also helps by setting goals and working towards them. I like Julie Powell's writing style. She's sharp, articulate, sometimes funny, sometimes explicit, sincere in a very personal and conversational way.I hope I can cook my way into my dreams soon!

By the way, our former cook in the family is named Julia too! She makes the best pork adobo ever! I miss her. Rest in peace Manang Julia.

{Image from TexasTanya}

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