Thursday, November 15, 2012

Listology 101

L - ogs
I - nventories
S - chedules
T - o Dos

Hello! I'm ditching a travel post today to share something that has been a habit of mine since I learned how to read and write. It's surprisingly a powerful way to organize our thoughts.  

I'm a self-confessed list keeper. From grocery lists, meal plans, to dos, packing lists, list of goals, wish lists, blog post lists, our wedding list, you name it I might have it. Making a list unleashes my inner OCD one bullet at a time. There's something about the feeling of crossing something off my list or checking a little checkbox on the side that makes me high or maybe because it simply feels: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I could totally relate to Monica Geller of FRIENDS.

I'd like to share the benefits of making/keeping a list. Believe me, it's a big help especially in our era of living in the fast lane with too much information.
  • It brings order to chaos. In short, it keep us organized.
  • It helps us remember things.
  • It relieves stress and keep our minds focused.
  • It keeps us from procrastinating.
  • It makes us efficient.
  • It makes us creative.
  • It helps us dream and reach our goals.
So, are your ready to start listing?

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