Monday, October 29, 2012

Refresh Your Space Part 1

I wanted to revive our room a little but didn't have the time for a complete makeover. I also didn't want to spend that much moolah. So I tapped my creative resourceful side and thought of a simple project that would spruce up our bedroom wall.

What I did first was measure the spacing of the screws that were already placed on the wall so I can identify what size of picture frames to buy. After getting all the needed information, I immediately bought 3 pieces of 6x8 picture frames with a white border.

Next, I raided the quotes category of Pinterest and selected two quotes that is appropriate for our mindset and lifestyle. Then I googled a picture of an owl which was printed on an Iphone case being sold at my favorite bookstore that I couldn't get my mind off. I finally saw it on Gelaskins' website. And then had these all printed at a Kodak shop nearby.

My personal criteria of what to post on our wall are:

1.) A quote about travel
2.) A beautiful photo of an owl (I have thing for owls!)
3.) A quote that exude positivity and optimism

And these photos below meet my criteria perfectly.

This is how our wall looks like now:

This is a simple way to quickly take your wall from plain to pretty!

Happy Monday!

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