Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wise Owls

I have a thing for owls. They look very statuesque and scholarly. Cute! If only we're allowed to have one as a pet like Hedwig. But I can settle for these Anthropologie Owls instead.

A Real Hoot Canister
Wide-Eyed Cookie Jar
Wise Ol' Canister Orange
Wise Ol' Canister Grey
Bubo Cookie Jar

Here are the actual ones at my sister's home in Atlanta:

I think the one on the left most part is not from Anthropologie.
Now this owl is a  Thank You gift for my sister from my mother-in-law for her hospitality.

I love Anthropologie especially their lovely items for the home!

By the way did you know that a baby owl is called an Owlet and a group of owls is called a Parliament?

 Hoot! Hoot!

{First Five Images from Anthropologie}

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