Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage Camera Lovin'

Sharing something vintage for you this Friday.

This is one of the first Nikon SLRs which was bought by my father-in-law during his trip to Japan in the 1970s. It is still in perfect working condition. The hubs and I bought the battery for this camera during our trip to the U.S. last May because it is not available locally anymore. I'm not 100% sure though.

Anyway, let me introduce to you The Nikkormat EL 1972 (Nikomat in Japan). The EL is the first Nikon that incorporated an electronically controlled vertical travel shutter. This was produced in white/black chrome versions.

My father-in-law's SLR kit

Now off to test it with a roll of Kodak film with 36 shots.

Happy Friday!

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