Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge

Currently re-reading this:

The author: Lucy Edge, a former London advertising executive goes in search of spiritual riches (and the perfect headstand) in India. 

After over a decade spent working and drinking too much in the world of advertising. Lucy decided she'd have enough debating what song sunflowers should sing and went in search of a more meaningful way of life.

Yoga School Dropout is an emotional journey, a divine comedy on the Western obsession with life's deeper meaning, a yogic experiment and a love letter to India.

I am currently on Chapter 9: "Stretch Out Upper Eyelashes". The author's description of the people she met, the ashrams and other places she visited, and her experience with yoga in India are so vivid I can almost imagine myself with her on her journey. 

This memoir is definitely a must-read! I am already looking forward to reading The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club, another book by Lucy Edge. =)  
{Image and Information from Lucy EdgeBooks}

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