Friday, August 3, 2012

Le Tapis (The Mat)

Because I have started doing yoga on a more regular basis, I have invested in a high quality and reasonably-priced mat that can aid me in deepening my practice. I prefer a thicker mat that cushions my hands and feet further when I do my downward facing dogs. So, let me introduce you to The Mat from Lululemon.
This is the label of Lululemon's  The Mat when you purchase it in their stores or online. Since Lululemon is a Canadian brand, the label contains a description both in English and in French.
Designed by dedicated yogis, for dedicated yogis, the Mat is made to kick some serious asana.
Size: 26" x 71" / 55 mm thick
The red carpet of yoga mats. Who doesn't love a little special treatment? ;)
Lululemon's Logo
The Mat is reversible and features two completely different practice surfaces, allowing you to customize your practice surface depending on your yoga of choice. Genius!

When I first tried my mat on my first day of yoga practice when I came home in MNL, it has definitely worked its magic. =) Since it is comprised of Polyurethane and natural rubber, The Mat is ultra-absorbent , sucking in sweat and moisture.  The top layer stays grippy even during the hottest and most rigorous Vinyasa practices. It is also treated with an antimicrobial additive that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. 

Oh, and cleaning is such a breeze too!
Spray a mixture of water with mild detergent. (No essential oils please!)
Make sure to evenly spray your soapy solution.
Rinse thoroughly.
More rinsing action
and then hang to dry.  It's so simple!
I'm so happy I made the right choice! Lululemon's The Mat is love!


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