Friday, August 24, 2012

Ikea Love

Ikea has always been part of the itinerary every time we travel overseas. (Please, please, please Ikea! Please open a store here in MNL!!!) I am totally an Ikea fanatic.

What I like best about Ikea is that they have a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products to choose from at reasonable prices. Another thing I love about them is how their designers skillfully show us how to use their basic items in innovative ways.

Here's what i'm talking about:

Space - there's only so much. And when you run out...Thats it. 
Or is it?
What if you can do more with the space you have?
What if there was a smarter way to use space?
There is.

Three Words for the vid: Creative, Functional, Genius. =)

My present Ikea Wish List includes:
Ektorp Sofa, Blekinge White
Liatorp Bookcase
Foto Pendant Lamp (probably 3 of these)
Koppang 3 Drawer Chest
Kassett Box with Lid (12 of these)

Werna Pair of Curtains
Thanking the Universe in advance! (wink)

Happy Friday!


{video and images all from Ikea}

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